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High Altitude Onion Growing World Championship

A brief History of High Altitude Onion Growing

From its early beginnings in 2014 the sport of High Altitude Onion Growing has been thriving. The inaugural Championships were held at The Shoulder of Mutton in Holcombe & were open to all.
In the first years event there was mixed success for entrants, ranging from novices through to semi-professional growers, the added complication of altitude growing caused some trouble. Particularly as some entrants came from the flatlands of Holcombe Brook & Ramsbottom. This caused a slight rift in the field but in 2015 the rules were to be changed to allow pure high altitude growers to use hyperbaric chambers to even up the disproportionate advantage the flat landers had.

Equipment & Fees

Sign up on the official notice board in the pub.
Entry fee is £10 payable when you attend the official onion selection ritual.
You get 1 x Onion & 1 x approved bucket the rests is up to you
If you have your own approved bucket it is only £5 to enter.
(please provide your own cloak for the ritual)

2014 Championship

The Rake was shut do to a slight frost as competitors arrived at The Shoulder of Mutton car park on the first May Bank Holiday 2014. Little did they know how rapidly the sport would take off & how the event would grow & grow.
After the ritual selection of onions the competitors lined up to receive a last minute health & safety briefing, there were ten minutes to kill until the pub opened.

Competitors soon began to realise that there was some likelihood that not everyone was going to make it. Rumours & speculation were rife with one competitor, the week before the August Bank Holiday weigh off, claiming their onion had rotted. This turned out to be untrue as their Third place finish showed.

The slight draft on Chapel Lane, closed Rawsons Rake & meant that competitors had to carry their onions (with pots) to the inaugural weigh off on The Shoulder of Mutton car park. Thankfully everyone made it however there were a couple of entries that were clearly not giant.

The High Altitude Onion Growing World Championship trophy was awarded & is stored in a high security area within the pub, please call in & ask if you would like to arrange a viewing.

2015 Championship

Enthusiasm was not dampened as the field gathered on The Shoulder of Mutton car park. The Shoulder of Mutton, Holcombe, Ramsbottom, Bury Lancashire, Rawsons Rake the steep road approaching from Ramsbottom is pictures covered in snow 1976Having to either choosing to drive via Holcombe or walking up Rawsons Rake, again closed due to some one in Stubbins leaving a fridge door open.

Controversially the scheduled rule change from 2014 to allow hyperbaric chambers was dropped.

Due to the increased number of entrants there was no need for the Health & Safety briefing.

Once again the event was shrouded in rumours & whispers of strange additions to composts & rituals being performed late at night.

By now the competitors were enthusiastically discussing their success & how techniques & growing tactics where progressing. It was clear everyone was going to make it this year.

August Bank Holiday approached & as competitors met on The Shoulder of Mutton, car park, they watched the now traditional shutting of Chapel Lane, it turned out someone had been eating an ice lolly on Rawsons Rake.

The field truly excelled themselves with this years Champion tilting the scales at over 2Kg!

2016 Championship

Entrants have signed up & this Sunday sees the 2016 High Altitude Onion Growing World Championship – Onion Selection Ritual again on The Shoulder of Mutton Car Park.The Shoulder of Mutton, Holcombe, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, Onion Growing competition selection day Sunday!

Spectators are asked to ensure they do not interrupt the ritual as starting all over again might delay entry into the pub for the traditional celebrations to begin.

Due to lack of interest there will be no TV or Radio coverage this year but you can keep up to date with our social media channels!

The 2017 Championship begins

The field is being assembled and the onions are being wrangled. It looks like this will be the best attended Championship yet.

Still time to sign up if you would like to take part, just put your name down on the list in the pub (might as well have a cheeky pint!)

It looks like there could be a celebrity appearance at this years championships! Keep your eyes peeled!!

Good Luck to all taking part in this years High Altitude Onion Growing World Championship
from Andy, Paulo & The Team!

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